What is FATHOM?

FATHOM is a fast-paced multiplayer Action-RTS combat game set in the cold crushing environment of the deep ocean. Establish your base, collect and hunt for resources, construct your fleet and lead them to an action-packed tactical battle to defeat your enemies and claim your area of the ocean in glorious victory!

FATHOM is a multiplayer focused game that supports up to 4-players in teamplay, free-for-all and cooperative modes over local area network (LAN) or via the Internet. It will be released initially for PC with other platforms planned to follow.

    • Shooter Strategy

      Out-shoot and out-maneuver your enemy and blast through creeps with a variety of weapons. But shooting skills are only half the battle here. Manage your resources, choose what you build and how to adapt to the situation in real-time. Conduct your attacks along side your fleet and lead them to victory!
    • Six Degrees of Freedom

      Inspired by the Descent series of games, your DSV can slice through the water in any direction and at any angle. Set up your attack vectors from the shallows above, or the darkness below. But always beware the crush depth!
    • Build Your Base In Full 3D

      Construct your base like never before and position structures in 3D dimensions! Want to have your factory floating above your Command Rig? Strategically drop an outpost behind your enemy’s base for a surprise attack!
    • Create & Command Your Fleet

      Take control of your fleet by constructing units and issuing commands from within your DSV using space-sim like orders to squads. Conduct multi-pronged attacks from all angles, and lay siege to the enemy base!
    • Buy New Vehicles

      Choose a DSV that suits your play style and your current objective. Have a need for speed? Try the Manta! Need to go in heavy for that final push? Bring out the powerful Triton! Work together with your fleet to create an unstoppable force!
    • Manage Your Economy

      Stockpile or spend the resources you gather as you call down massive extractor drills from the surface to mine mineral deposits, or blast through hordes of deep sea denizens to salvage scrap resources and feed your ever-expanding fleet.
    • Call In Epic Weapons

      Place a beacon to signal your surface support team to unleash massive weapons of destruction on an area! Call down spreads of depth charges, place minefields, even an fire a giant orbital laser to slice through the waters and annihilate the enemy!
    • Survive In Extreme Environments

      Feel the crushing grip of the deep ocean as you plunge into the depths! Dive down to make a getaway, or lure your enemies below to be crushed under the immense pressure… Is there something living down there?
    • Battle your friends

      The current focus of the game is on the multiplayer modes, so partake in up to 4-player free-for-alls or team battles against others over a local area network (LAN) or via the Internet