By June 12, 2015Developer Blog

Okay on this week’s episode of Devin talks into the void…

Joe finished up a new turret buoy model! Can see it there below. It really plays nicely in game despite me being worried about the aiming being off seeing as there’s now 4 barrels firing instead of 1. I worked it out by basically having the center-of-aim move from one barrel to the next, as opposed to just aiming from the very center of the turret. Seemed to miss a lot less when I did that anyway. Hell it tracked and shot me down in a DSV… but that’s not saying much, I suck at this game.

We also worked out some new flashy effects, specifically with the repair beam and the minesweeper’s blast.  They’re basically lightning effects with a few parameters to control their randomness. Combined with the free MKGlow plugin (which I recommend) I think they look pretty decent. Below is a gif of it in action (you might have to click it for it to work):

Oh wow, I almost forgot the entire website got a bit of an overhaul, again. We duked it out with Word Press to get it in what’d I’d say is a much better state. Man website work totally blows, people do that shit for a living too, god…

I also saw the Unity 5.1 came out, which includes the beginnings of UNet, Unity’s upgraded networking mechanism.  Currently we’re using uLink, and it’s pretty interwoven into our code, I’m a bit terrified of ripping it out in favor of UNet, but it might be worth it in the long run. I’ll prob blog/bitch about that in the near future.

So yeah, I guess it was a pretty productive week! We’re closing in on getting a trailer together.  We want to touch up some of the DSVs, paint some of the smaller craft with more color, and then make a fancier level, with pretty underwatery type things around hopefully instead of just plain rocks.

After that, we’re gonna record the shit out of us playing the game. We’ll take all the clips and cut them up to some mmtss mmtss music so that it rocks your socks. Well, as much as a trailer can anyway.  Ya know, I was really trying to come up with a clever way to structure the trailer footage, but luckily I found this: