Meanwhile back at the Command Rig…..

By November 21, 2016Developer Blog

Busy weekend… I’m adding some art and detailing the tutorial map this week so we can send a build (pre-alpha) out to a few youtube channels that have requested a copy. I’ve also been working on the new website. I just kind of threw the old one together to get something up and running and was never really happy with it, this one isnt as clunky¬†and will be easier for Devin and I to keep updated.

I’ve also added new forums after obsessing over what platform to use. The old forums used SMF that I have used several times in the past for other clients, but it just looks outdated and it doesnt include all the features that we need. The new forums are up and are ready to be tested so go sign up and drop us a note.

OK back to planting seaweed and pushing rocks around…