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FATHOM is a fast paced First-Person-Shooter (FPS) with 6 degrees of freedom and Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) elements set in underwater environments. Players control personal submarines called DSVs which take on command, combat, and support roles in order build a floating base, collect resources, then construct and lead a fleet of naval warships to destroy the opponent’s base.

Gameplay Features

  • First Person Shooter (FPS) & Real Time Strategy (RTS)
    A fresh yet familiar blend of action & strategy genres. Establish your base, secure resources, build your fleet and wage war! Destroy your opponent and claim the planet!
  • Multiplayer
    Supports up to 4 players and spectators in teamplay, free-for-all, or co-op modes via LAN or Internet (TCP/IP).
  • Six Degrees Of Freedom
    Experience true six degrees of freedom piloting in a fully 3D combat environment with a Descent-like control scheme. Utilize all angles of attack to surprise and overwhelm the enemy!
  • Base Building & Resource Management
    Set up your floating base deep beneath the ocean surface, defend your Command Rig at all costs! Expand your base by adding Extractors, Factories, Capital Ship Platforms and Surface relays. Guard your resources and structures with light strike craft, weapon buoys and mine fields.
  • Unit Production & Command
    Lead your fleet by issuing simple space-sim style commands to squads of your units, and show them the path to victory!
  • Change Vehicles On The Fly
    Build your DSV hangar and dynamically slip into the vehicle that fits your playstyle or counters your opponent. Fast attack, support, heavy assault, and more!
  • Offline Play
    Interactive Tutorials, Sandbox Modes, and Wave Defense Modes will get you started and then help you fine tune your strategies before unleashing them upon your online foes.



The idea for FATHOM came to Joey Pruitt back in 2000. It all stemmed from watching the movie The Abyss while playing Relic Entertainment’s Homeworld. Being an avid fan of science fiction and the real time strategy (RTS) genre, he dreamed of telling an epic story set in an environment like The Abyss, but placed in the context of an RTS game. So he began outlining a grand story, casting out the characters, sculpting models, and designing the game…

Meanwhile, also around 2000, Devin Kelly had been captivated by Id Software’s Quake2, and many of the other first person shooter (FPS) games that had dominated that time frame. Having a background in programming, he entered the modding community with his creation Devastation Quake2, introducing mech-like battlesuits into Quake2, and garnering modest success and accolades from the Planetquake community.

Joe, being an avid gamer shortly discovered Devin’s Devastation Quake2 mod and contacted Devin to volunteer his art skills to any future development. This culminated into the Systemic Unreal 2003 Mutator, which went on to winning 5th prize in Epic’s “Make Something Unreal” mutator development contest back in 2004.

Fast forward to 2014, now armed with more advanced development tools, these two old school gamers, Joe and Devin, have combined again to mold their ideas into their first realization of the FATHOM universe, as a hybrid of both the shooter and strategy genres. Inspired by a slew of classic games such as Homeworld, Descent, Wing Commander, Battlezone II, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Savage, and Magic Carpet, FATHOM hopes to introduce some refreshing twists on familiar game play styles, while offering up a refreshing new environment to battle within!