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How should NFTs be used in traditional NFT games

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When it comes to creating successful NFT games, game designers should always prioritize the player. In the mobile NFT gaming space, many businesses have been rushing to develop metaverse and NFT games, often focusing more on the flashy buzzwords and shoddy blockchain-based gameplay elements than the actual game. It’s like putting the cart before the horse: some businesses are building NFTs and then trying to construct a game around them, instead of making a game and integrating NFT capabilities. 

Traditional games, such as adventure games and sandbox games, are some of the most successful NFT games. In these games, players are able to play to earn crypto and models, as well as purchase in-game items and digital assets with in-game tokens. 

This allows players to earn money, rewards, and in-game rewards in a secure and transparent environment. Other NFT games, such as Play to Earn games, also offer players the ability to earn crypto and rewards while playing their favorite games. Players can also purchase in-game assets, such as in-game marketplace items, to enhance their gaming experience.

Many games are now introducing NFT capabilities, offering players the ability to purchase in-game assets, earn crypto, and receive rewards for playing. Game designers should prioritize the player experience in upcoming NFT games, rather than focus on flashy buzzwords and blockchain-based elements. If done correctly, NFT games can provide a rewarding experience, with players able to earn money by playing and accessing digital assets. 

This is especially true for the most successful NFT games, such as adventure games, metaverse games, and sandbox games. Traditional mobile games are now introducing features to play-to-earn models, allowing players to earn in-game tokens and rewards through playing. This is leading to an increase in the play-to-earn crypto space, with many games offering players the ability to purchase in-game marketplace tokens with real-world money. 

Other NFT games are allowing players to earn crypto rewards, with many games offering players the ability to purchase in-game assets and receive rewards for playing. It is important to remember that the most successful NFT games prioritize the player experience, rather than focus on showy buzzwords and blockchain-based elements. By putting the player first, game designers can ensure that their upcoming NFT games become successful and rewarding experiences.

Better ways to include NFTs into games include the following five ideas:

Make your game accessible to everyone.

Free-to-play NFT games are becoming increasingly popular, as they significantly decrease the entrance barrier for players. With such games, users don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive NFTs to join in. In-game NFTs are primarily used for cosmetic items and can be seen in popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite, where players pay up to $50 million for one set of skins. Cosmetics are the best way to introduce NFTs into traditional NFT games as they have no other purpose than to make players look distinct. Players should feel free to express themselves when playing these games. For those interested in trying out the best NFT games, the Play-to-Earn mode is a great choice. In this mode, players earn rewards for playing the game, making it profitable and fun. It’s worth noting that the way NFT games work may differ from one to the other, so be sure to do your research before playing. If you’re looking to play some of the top NFT games without spending money, there are plenty of free NFT games available. Crypto-based games also offer an exciting way of playing and earning money.

Disburse NFTs through airdrop to players.

For completing a level, completing a task, or taking part in an event, game developers may reward players with NFTs of varying rarities (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)

Use contests to boost participation. 

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games have become increasingly popular in the world of gaming. The concept of play-to-earn has gained traction, with players being rewarded with in-game items, NFTs, and even cash for playing the best NFT games. Airdrops are often used as incentives for players to become more involved and loyal, and if rare drops occur, game developers may benefit from the sale of these uncommon NFTs, through trading fees or built-in licensing fees. 

Esports is one of the most well-known NFT gaming industries, with more than 474 million viewers tuning in to watch players compete. Players can also design tournaments with rare NFT skin rewards, and the tournaments can also have a betting component. For instance, players may stake NFTs to enter a tournament or fight, with the loser receiving all of the NFTs staked by the winner. With so many best NFT games available, gamers will find plenty of NFT games to play and ways to make money playing NFT games. Whether you’re looking for free NFT games or the best NFTs, there are plenty of crypto games to choose from.

Establish an internet market

The development of a marketplace where users can easily swap their NFT skins will help to boost engagement and provide a new source of revenue from trading fees and exclusive NFT releases.

Create a wallet or upgrade existing wallets using connections.

The ability to manage, trade, purchase, and sell NFTs easily for gamers by having built-in links to well-known NFT wallets or an internal wallet.

NFT games to focus on in 2023

Below is a list of five of the most intriguing new NFT ventures that will revolutionize the NFT gaming market:

  • Gods Unchained is a free-to-play P2E trading card game. 
  • The Sandbox is a voxel-based NFT game with limitless customizability. 
  • Silks is the best overall P2E game for 2022. 
  • Decentraland is a P2E Metaverse game with massive potential.

An Overview of the Top Crypto Games for Money

Now that you are aware of the top NFTs for 2022, let’s examine each of these initiatives in more detail:


Silks is our top pick for the best NFT game of the future. This play-to-earn cryptocurrency game is one of the most popular NFT games to launch this year and it allows players to make money by playing games and using in-game items. This connection between the physical world and the metaverse makes Silks a unique and exciting game. The partnership with the thoroughbred horse racing industry means Silks players can own virtual horses that are closely connected to real-world race horses. Silks is able to create this link between the game and reality by using enormous databases that track bloodlines, racing accomplishments and development history. 

According to the Silks whitepaper, this strategy enables players to make money off of their in-game misdeeds. For anyone looking to play the best NFT game and earn money in the process, Silks is a great option. With its highly detailed and realistic metaverse and a range of exciting play-to-earn NFT gaming components, it is one of the most popular and successful crypto games.

Mobile NFT games are quickly becoming popular, and the most successful NFT games offer players the chance to earn rewards and money by playing. Silks is an upcoming NFT game that offers players the opportunity to earn rewards by racing, staking, and breeding their virtual horses.

The game also offers a digital marketplace for players to purchase in-game assets, as well as an adventure game and a sandbox game. Additionally, players will be able to mine for rewards through the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) procedure used to validate Silks’ data. Other NFT games in the metaverse space also offer players the chance to play to earn rewards using in-game tokens, and many games include a in-game marketplace where players can purchase digital assets and earn money. 

Players can also earn rewards by connecting with other users and creating sub-communities. The most successful NFT games offer a variety of ways for players to earn rewards and money, making them appealing to a broad range of players. With the increasing popularity of NFT gaming, we can expect to see more successful NFT games emerge in the future.


Playing games is a great way to earn money and one of the most popular NFT games out there is Decentraland. Since its launch in February 2020, Decentraland has seen an incredible surge in popularity thanks to its creative use of NFTs. Through the game’s virtual currency $MANA, users can buy, sell and arrange virtual real estate, clothing, and other in-game items. This allows players to create their own self-sufficient economy. Players can also generate money by making wise investments in their virtual assets. Advertising is one of the most popular ways of making money in-game. The participative nature of Decentraland also allows users to easily connect with their friends and other players on social networking sites. There are many other NFT games available for people to play for free or for money. 

Crypto games are a great way to earn money and you can find a wide range of NFT games to choose from. Some of the best NFT games out there are Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Axie Infinity. These games have different modes of play to earn and you can purchase in-game NFTs to grow your collection.

These games also have a wide range of in-game items, which can be bought and sold for cryptocurrency. One of the most popular NFT games is Decentraland, which was released in February 2020 and quickly rose to fame due to its creative use of NFTs. Players can purchase virtual real estate, clothing, and other goods with NFTs, and these items can be used to create a self-sufficient economy that runs on the transactional currency $MANA. 

Furthermore, players can make money through in-game advertising and other strategies. Plus, Decentraland’s participative nature allows users to create friendships and socialize with one another. If you’re looking to explore the world of NFTs, there are plenty of games to choose from. Some of the top NFT games include CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, and Axie Infinity, to name a few. All of these games offer a “play to earn” mode, meaning that you can earn money by playing them. 

Additionally, some of these games are free to play, so you can explore the world of NFTs without spending a dime. So, if you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to make money online, you should definitely check out the ever-growing list of NFT games!

Chosen Ones.

The upcoming P2E game Chosen Ones is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The Chosen Ones team plans to use Unity, a popular game engine, to combine NFT artwork and “auto-battler” components into a fun NFT gaming experience. The game is being created by Fork NFT Games, which has established a strong reputation in the market since becoming the largest Esports brand in Latin America.

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